Riley Green Releases SURPRISE Acoustic EP – Valley Road

Taylor Morrison Raised Rowdy Contributor Riley Green just dropped his highly anticipated, surprise acoustic EP Valley Road today. It features two new songs, “Better than Me” and “If It Wasn’t For Trucks” as well as three of our favorites from his recently dropped album Different ‘Round Here. Riley previewed his new songs on his Instagram […]

Riley Green Plays New Track Called “Ain’t Like I Can Hide It”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder Riley Green knows what his fans want, and Riley fans are always looking for new music. Even with his debut record just getting released last year it is great to see Riley always working on and testing out what is next. This track is pretty in lane for Riley and […]

Riley Green Is The Country Superstar We Need

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder Riley Green’s star has been shining as bright as almost any in the country music world. Sure, he’s not headlining huge venues yet and hasn’t released his first full album but his first single to country radio has gone to number one and his fans eagerly await each new […]

Riley Green drops his new single and completed Get That Man A Beer EP.

Sara Custance – Raised Rowdy Contributor   A year after the debut of his first major label release, “There Was This Girl”, Riley Green delivers an emotional 4 song EP that tells of love and love lost. Not only the kind of love you fall in and out of with a girl, but the kind […]

Riley Green claims his first #1 song with “There Was This Girl”

Nick Tressler – Riley Green believer Riley Green’s first single release to country radio and his first major label release “There Was This Girl” just hit #1 on country radio. After climbing the charts since it’s release, you had to know it was just a matter of time before this song rose to the top […]

Riley Green plays new unreleased song “Mississippi or Me”

Video by the always in attendance and recording Brandi H! Welp here is another absolute HIT Riley played this weekend in, you guessed it, Mississippi! A nice slow down middle of the set jam that everyone will be singing along to soon enough.  

Riley Green Wonders About The Girl Who Got Away in Latest Single

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor Alabama native, Riley Green used to frame houses to get by. Now he releases music like his latest single, “In Love By Now” to pay the bills. This comes after a quick boom of success in 2018, where Green released his Top 10 single “There Was This Girl” and made […]

New Riley Green song “Brand New Reason”

Thanks to our Friend Kyle Leggett for the video.  Riley has been playing a bunch of new tracks out on his tour and each one seems to be catchier than the last.  Here is a clip of a new track Riley and Ben played in Jacksonville NC at the VIP event before the show.  we […]

Acoustic Wednesday: Riley Green “Get That Man A Beer”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder  Song recorded by Michelle Kolenko   So if you ever find yourself in a dive bar down in Cartersville Georgia Riley Green has a favor to ask of you… Wait, Riley tells the story a lot better than I do. So check out Riley’s new song “Get That Man A […]

Episode 21-Riley Green

Live with Nicky T at Jergel’s, Riley Green discusses how he built his following, his influences, and plans for a new album.

Listen to Brand New Riley Green Song “In Love By Now”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder and known listener of a Riley song or 100.    Anytime there is a new Riley Green song we get pretty excited over here at Raised Rowdy and this song is no exception to that trend. Another great song, from a hopefully soon to be released full album.  Riley has […]

I am ALL IN on Riley Green and here are 5 reasons why you should be too

    1. Riley’s New EP Outlaws Like Us is one of the top releases of 2017 so far. Though it is an EP and not a full album, Riley’s Outlaws Like Us really shows the strides he and his music have made since arriving in Nashville. All six songs are thought provoking and meaningful […]

Raised Rowdy’s Top EPs of 2020 So Far

Here is a list of the EPs (at least 4 tracks) that have moved us the most in 2020.  A strange year for artists and fans alike, music is one of the things that has the ability to truly heal and take us from the bottom of ourselves and hoist spirits upward. So let us […]

Buckin Buckarette: Telling Artists Stories in Hand Tooled Leather

Heather Shadrick Raised Rowdy Contributor Do you ever wonder where those amazing, pin–up girl straps Luke Combs has come from? Yeah? Us too. I did a little scrolling through social media and found the answer – look no further than Buckin Buckarette. Based out of her ranch in Raymond, California, Dana Elliott has been a […]


Izzi Mitchell Raised Rowdy Founder   Top mainstream new country songs of the week It’s Friday again! For most people that means the weekend, but for me and any music lover, it means new music. There are some really great songs out this week for you to listen to, so here are some lyrics, links […]

6 of Our Favorite Livestreams During Quarantine

Brad Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor We’re bored. These six livestream concerts are keeping us sane. Tell us some of your favorites in the comment section below! Risky Jam Monday nights in Nashville would not be complete without Whiskey Jam. Ward and the crew just celebrated their 9th anniversary back in January if it weren’t for […]

Ryan Dyer Talks Paths to Nashville in Latest Single

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor The path to country music greatness is different for every artist looking to “make it,” and for many, this path starts in Nashville, Tennessee. This mecca has its perks, like being surrounded by some of the greatest musicians, songwriters, producers, etc. in the entire world, but it’s also a curse […]

Raised Rowdy 12 Pack: Top Albums of 2019

Hey Rowdies! We are back with our round-up of the team’s 2019 Albums of the Year. Just to clarify, these were voted on by all the current Raised Rowdy writers/contributors that wanted to be included and we took a quasi nerdy formula to decide which albums made the list using how high they were on […]

STILL wishin’ “Grandpas Never Died” Live in Phenix City, AL

Bubba McAllister Raised Rowdy Contributor (Follow link to Riley’s official page, and where to listen on any streaming service) If I made a living in the 615, in the music industry, it wouldn’t be on stage at Tequila Cowboy, Nudie’s or Tootsies Orchid Lounge- it would be in a writers’ room. There’s something about being […]

Hunter Chastain Releases Hard-Hitting Debut Single – “Blame My Last Name”

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor Over the course of the last three or four years there has been a rejuvenating sound coming out of the south. Artists like Trea Landon, Riley Green and Jon Langston are making headlines night after night and artists like Hunter Chastain are looking to follow in their footsteps. Music heals […]

Andy Buckner Tells Us Where He Plans To Be “When Country Comes Back”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder Are you tired of hearing something that just doesn’t sound exactly country? Do you crave the familiar sounds of a good Waylon song or a hefty dose of some redneck twang? Yeah? Well we do too. Andy Buckner and those like him are ready to see the COUNTRY put back […]

Raised Rowdy’s Top Eps of 2019 …So Far

For this article we are touching exclusively on EPs and not full albums. You might ask why do you choose this format instead of albums like most other outlets?  Well, we think the artists that are releasing EPs right now either are just gearing up to tell their story, or are trying something a little […]

Raw, Powerful and Emotional; Erik Dylan gives us Bones Of A Flatland Boy

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder It’s funny how the way a song gets played can completely change the meaning or emotion it brings out in you as a listener.  Country music, specifically the type of songs that tell personal stories, are often the ones that hit closest to the heart. Sometimes certain songs and […]

Recent Georgia grad Jordan Rowe releases self-titled EP

Nick Tressler- Raised Rowdy founder So you think you or someone you know had a fun internship in college?  Someone you know maybe had a job working for Google or Tesla?  Yeah? That seems pretty cool, BUT we think country artist Jordan Rowe might have had a cooler internship.  Jordan interned last summer with Riverhouse […]

Backstage with Ben Johnson- The Harder They Fall

A weekly look inside the life of an up and coming country artist   Another One Bites The Dust   Let me paint the picture clearly for you.. Country Boom 2018 (a big country music festival).. Huge stage… It had been POURING down the rain for hours..   Just as we’re about to start our […]

Reid Morris releases self-titled debut EP

Bradley Curry – Raised Rowdy Contributor For many high school seniors, spring is the time to celebrate your last few months in your hometown with friends, who you have grown up with for the past twelve years but for Georgia boy Reid Morris, he’s doing all of those things on top of promoting his debut […]

Acoustic Wednesday: The Tuten Brothers “Time Was a Song”

Video and write up by Trey Bonner The Tuten Brothers are an up-and-coming country band from Athens, GA. They’ve already made a big splash in the Georgia music scene, headlining for packed houses at the iconic Georgia Theatre and opening for acts like The Dirty Guv’nahs, Riley Green, and Drake White. The brothers recently moved […]

Raised Rowdy Risers- 2019 New artists to watch

2018 was a GREAT year of country music. We made some bets on some 2018 artists and they had plenty of success. The country music community as a whole took a big step towards authentic songs and lyrical creativity and 2019 is going to bring even more. We hit some home-runs on our 2018 artists […]

Top 5 Resolutions for 2019

Jon GaliottoRaised Rowdy Contributor and Able To Count To 5 With the new year comes resolutions. We’re all going to get more sleep, lose weight, and call our moms everyday. Let’s be real, none of those are going to happen. Sorry mom. Here are my top 5 resolutions for 2019. Top 5 Resolutions for 2019 […]

Raised Rowdy’s Top EP’s of 2018: The SECOND 12 pack

Over here at Raised Rowdy we like to champion the underdog, people we don’t think get the love they deserve. We hope over the course of this year we helped you hear some new music or maybe reminded you to keep listening to the best of the old stuff.  These EPs are a mix of […]

Randy Montana: a man helping to write the soundtrack to our lives (Interview)

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy founder and former wannabe know it all rebel kid Randy Montana broke into songwriting and was signed as an artist at a young age. His album and EP are laced with amazing songs that have been some of our favorites, but he has since moved from artist to full time songwriter, […]

CMA Fest 2018: What WE Saw

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder who is somewhere in truck right now 1. Riley Green is officially here in a BIG WAY. Last year was the year the star of Luke Combs began to rise at CMA.  Each show Luke played you could just see the energy in the room or the venue.  Much the […]

When in Rome: Rome River Jam heats up a June Georgia night

Katelyn Law Raised Rowdy contributor While all the other rowdies were in Nashville listening to country music’s biggest and best established artists and exciting up and comers for CMA Fest… I was stuck in Georgia. BUT, that was not necessarily the worst thing in the world. You see, Peachtree Entertainment and Rome River Jam did […]

Raised Rowdy 12 pack- Top EPs of 2018 so far.

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy founder and new music champion Over here at Raised Rowdy we run through songs pretty quickly. I have been known to go ahead and listen to a track on repeat a good 3,567 times in a row. When you listen to as much music as we try to, you can get […]

The Bourough – Statesboro Georgia

Katelyn Law Raised Rowdy contributor Located across the street from Georgia Southern University’s iconic Paulson Stadium, The Borough is a bar and grill that has recently captured many music lovers’ and college students’ attention alike with their recent bookings of up and coming country music acts. The Borough 1830 Chandler Rd Statesboro, GA 30458   The Set […]

Raised Rowdy 12 Pack-2018 New Artists to Watch

For this list I sat down and really thought about the qualities I saw in the artists that broke out in country music recently. All of the artists on this list have 3 things in common:   Stage presence – If you see any of these groups on stage you just can’t look away. They […]