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So if you follow Raised Rowdy, you know that we are all about our favorite degenerate activities – whether that means drinking a few craft or like 50 light beers, smoking some premium cigars, OR our newest vice, sports betting! Let me give you a rundown of why sports betting has taken hold of my little heart here in Tennessee.

First of all, we found a company that is based in Tennessee, so we can keep our dollars either in our pockets (hopefully) or at least in the pockets of a company that will put it back into the community (they bought us some beers last time at Rowdy on the Row).

Action 24/7 is that company. If you’re a Tennessee resident you can use code ROWDY to get a $400 deposit match on your first deposit when you download their app and start gaming with us! Note: Action is only available to those who are in Tennessee, so if you are not, just move here already (everyone else is doing it).

Let’s start this first article with some seasonal picks. Is it ever too early to pick a Heisman winner? IDK honestly, but your boy isn’t afraid to go hard and fast on some bets.

So please bet BO NIX for Heisman, Bet #1. WAR DAMN EAGLE. Not only does great country music come from the great state of Alabama (Riley Green, Muscadine Bloodline, Trey Lewis and  sooooo many others), but every few years Auburn gets all their ducks in a row and rolls out a TEAM and balls real hard. This might just be the year.  Plus check out some pics of ole Bo. Boy had some bleached tips, a smile that rivals Johnny Football, and some serious swag for a Sophomore.


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So bet with your boy, Bo Nix for Heisman!  Let’s keep moving on to some more bets we can all get behind.

Ok, this one might sound wild, but I really don’t know a damn thing about baseball… so I am just gonna go with the old standby and bet on the teams that were really good when I was a kid.

New York Yankees, CHECK.

Bet #2: the Yanks to win the American League East at +155. It is either like a sure thing, or you will just lose a lot of money like I usually do. Either way it gives you a reason to watch some baseball, and honestly that is the best part of all of this anyway.


We all know you shouldn’t bet on your home team. It is pretty common knowledge to NOT do that. BUT, what about betting against your college’s rival all the time? No one really told us not to do that SO IT MUST BE SMART. So hailing from the University of Pittsburgh, your boy is gonna bet on Penn State to lose a lot this year. The first game is against Wisconsin on 9-4, and we are betting WISCONSIN at -169.  Let’s all root for the home team.

Check back in on me in a few weeks to see if I am out of money or if your boy has been letting it ride! You are sure to get some more great or awful advice in this column. We will start to make some more timely bets too if you are into that sort of thing.  So light up a nice cigar, get your beers out, and watch your favorite or least favorite sport with some skin in the game over at Action 24/7, Tennessee’s only Tennessee-owned sports book.

Until next time, this is Nicky T and I’ll see you in the front row.

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