Buckin Buckarette: Telling Artists Stories in Hand Tooled Leather

Heather Shadrick Raised Rowdy Contributor
Photo Credit: Buckin Buckarette

Do you ever wonder where those amazing, pin–up girl straps Luke Combs has come from? Yeah? Us too. I did a little scrolling through social media and found the answer – look no further than Buckin Buckarette.

Based out of her ranch in Raymond, California, Dana Elliott has been a one woman show in the leather business since 2012. I came across her Instagram after being tagged in one of Ashley McBryde’s pictures and instantly admired her work. Buckin Buckarette is bringing the western rebel feel back into country music one piece of leather at a time.

Buckin Buckarette has hand made guitar straps for multiple country artists that we know and love. You have more than likely seen one of your favorite artists up on stage and said, “That is one badass guitar strap!” With Johnny Cash as one of her inspirations, how could she go wrong?

It has definitely not been an easy road and Dana has been working hard to get every detail of every strap just right. A mixture of talent and drive is what usually leads to success and those qualities are exactly what makes Dana successful.

When Luke Combs’ team reached out for a pin-up girl strap, Dana had a bit of a heart attack. Dana told us she remembered thinking, “How the hell am I supposed to tool pin-up girls on leather!?” She took a deep breath and after throwing a lot of scrap leather in the trash, she created this beauty below. Luke may have had 1, 2 many after receiving this one.

Photo Credit: Kappy

A few of our favorite artists over here at Raised Rowdy that you will catch rocking BB straps are Ashley McBryde, Riley Green, Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Ashland Craft, Jobe Fortner, Drew Parker and honestly so many more. Dana is hoping to one day have the Chief, Eric Church, rocking one of her straps. A girl can dream, right!?

And dreaming is exactly what Dana has been doing, she has been providing leather to artists and folks that she admires and believes in. It is hard work but it is surely fulfilling.

Dana hand tools every single leather item. Leather belts, earrings, guitar straps, cuffs, wallets, buckles, dog collars, saddle bags, rifle slings and scabbards, horse tack, purse straps and more are parts of her specialty. These bad-ass guitar straps make me want to learn how to play the guitar. You will see Ashland Craft, Faren Rachels and Meghan Patrick all wearing the leather earrings around town, in photo shoots or on stage.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Creggor Photography
Photo Credit: @Angela.scottsharrphotography

Dana started off getting her work into the world by making a connection with then up and coming Country music star, Mitchell Tenpenny. The strap they envisioned and Dana brought to life that they dubbed Walk Like Me holds a meaningful story about Mitchell’s late father, and there are so many emotions that are tooled into this strap. Walk Like Me is shown at the top of the article with Dana. Each strap tells the artist’s story, life events and sometimes even their favorite vice. Dana really dives deep into the artist’s life to get the right unique look and feel. It does not matter if you are in the front row or nose bleeds, you can see these striking designs from anywhere in the crowd. Although,  if you are like the Raised Rowdy crew you already know, front row or don’t go.

Have you heard the new Billy Ray Cyrus song featuring Meghan Patrick? If you haven’t, you need to right now. The song “Higher Ground” takes a different route than his usual sound and has some sweet melody from our favorite Canadian country star. In this music video you will catch Meghan Patrick sporting a Buckin Buckarette leather wrap fringe bracelet that adds to her country rock persona.

We are very thankful to be able to meet and talk shop with talented people such as Dana. With all things in life, good things take time. Each item is custom designed, and hand crafted, so it does take a little time for your order. Just like us, Dana would not be able to do this without every single one of you. You are able to reach her for commissions and quotes through Instagram, Facebook, and by email.

Photo Credit: Buckin Buckarette
Photo Credit: Buckin Buckarette
Photo Credit: Buckin Buckarette

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