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Top mainstream new country songs of the week

It’s Friday again! For most people that means the weekend, but for me and any music lover, it means new music. There are some really great songs out this week for you to listen to, so here are some lyrics, links and reviews to get you started before the music is released to the rest of the world. As always, this will be brought to you from Australia, very early my time.

 “Almost Maybes” – Jordan Davis

“From the didn’t work outs, the girls next door, and the batshit crazies, there wouldn’t be no you and me right now if it weren’t for the almost maybes”

 I just had to start my week off with new Jordan Davis. I was very excited to hear his latest track “Almost Maybes” and it did not disappoint (I’ve already played it on repeat five times). It’s a really sweet song with great lyrics and a great message – all the things that nearly happened but didn’t, they’ll lead to something better. Keep an eye out for his new self-titled EP being released May 22.


“It’s Not This” – Taylor Acorn, Dan Swank

“Whatever it is that’s gonna get me over you its not this – it isn’t halfway black out at a shit hole dive, kissing strangers to forget you exist, it isn’t secretly wishing you’d call saying baby wont you come back home, whatever it is it’s not this”

 This song is a haunting and beautiful breakup song. As a huge Taylor Acorn fan, I’m always going to love whatever she puts out, but damn is this one good. It really captures the stage of a breakup when you’re being self-destructive to get over it. Dan Swank’s voice with hers is a really great addition.


“Smoke” – Faren Rachels

“He don’t even know that I smoke, that I cant stand his favorite band, I’m trying like hell to give a damn hoping I’ll change my mind, I’m trying to buy a little time, he’s falling fast now how am I supposed to tell him my heart’s still a little bit broke, when he don’t even know that I smoke?”

 This has to be my favorite Faren Rachels song I’ve ever heard – big call I know. If you are a fan of her and her incredible voice, this is a must-hear.


“Grew Apart” – Logan Mize, Donavon Woods

“I don’t drag your name through the mud, baby we both know I could, maybe I should yeah”

Another break up song this week. Logan Mize is awesome and his voice really goes nicely with Donovan Woods’. This song is about all the things he could tell people about the breakup, but instead he takes the high road – “I don’t tell them you broke my heart, I just tell them that we grew apart”.


“Between Me and the End of the World” – Adam Hambrick

“But I know just who I got fighting on my side, facing all the fire the devil can hurl, it’s a hell of a thing, watching you stand in between, between me and the end of the world”

 This song is a sweet love song, for whoever it is, he knows he can rely on them no matter what.


Valley Road EP – Riley Green

Get listening to Riley Green’s EP Valley Road. This whole EP is acoustic, which allows him to showcase his extraordinary voice. The reason this EP is acoustic is he recorded it during the pandemic. It covers favorites like “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”, and a couple new ones too, so check it out.


Like always, we will be adding all these songs to our Raised Rowdy New Country Playlist. Follow along for great new tracks and you might even discover a new favorite artist. Enjoy your week y’all!


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