Reid Morris releases self-titled debut EP

Bradley CurryRaised Rowdy Contributor

For many high school seniors, spring is the time to celebrate your last few months in your hometown with friends, who you have grown up with for the past twelve years but for Georgia boy Reid Morris, he’s doing all of those things on top of promoting his debut EP, set to release April 26th.

This EP is one that is personal and relatable, just how Morris intended it to be. “I’ve always thought that some of the best songs and albums are when the artist can truly relate to them so that’s what I wanted to do with this EP. The EP is based on my experiences I’ve had these last few years in high school and growing up where I’m from. It’s really based off the idea of looking back at all the memories that have made me who I am.”

The EP starts off with a unique intro that includes a conversation between Morris and his best friend and is then followed by four tracks that all mean something different to Morris. Below is a personal description of each song to give fans an idea of what to expect.

“Every Mile Has A Memory”
“Every Mile Has A Memory is really just a song about all the experiences I’ve had in my hometown.”

“Again is really about one of those high school relationship experiences about when things go bad and you think they could be better so you just try again.”

“More Than A Truck”
“More Than A Truck is a real personal song to me. It’s about this truck that my Grandfather and I bought and restored and back then, I just thought we were fixing up an old truck but looking back, I realize that I actually learned lots of life lessons from that.”

“Old Soul”
“Old Soul is my favorite off the EP. This song is really about my personality opposed to physical things around me. It gathers up my personality and how the physical things around me have really built my personality. It’s really about being an old school person.”

Reid Morris may be young, but he’s already gained some traction, opening for two of our favorites Riley Green and Muscadine Bloodline. This new project should give him the opportunity to continue to build his fan base. This EP is set to release on April 26th on streaming sites everywhere. To follow Reid Morris and his journey, visit his Instagram @ReidMorrisMusic.

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