Riley Green Plays New Track Called “Ain’t Like I Can Hide It”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Riley Green knows what his fans want, and Riley fans are always looking for new music. Even with his debut record just getting released last year it is great to see Riley always working on and testing out what is next. This track is pretty in lane for Riley and what we have heard from him so far, but we have a feeling his sophomore record will start peeling away some of the layers of Riley’s personality and give you a little bit of a look into the depth of who he is as a man and as a Country singer.

Until then check out this track he started playing out this weekend called “Ain’t Like I Can Hide It” that he wrote with the great songwriter Bobby Pinson.

With a catalog of tracks like this it shouldn’t be long before Riley brings us another EP or album to get us further along down the Country music road. Until then, we will keep watching and waiting. You really never know when a new song will be played. And that is what makes going to his live shows so dang fun. 


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