When in Rome: Rome River Jam heats up a June Georgia night

Katelyn Law
Raised Rowdy contributor

While all the other rowdies were in Nashville listening to country music’s biggest and best established artists and exciting up and comers for CMA Fest… I was stuck in Georgia.

BUT, that was not necessarily the worst thing in the world. You see, Peachtree Entertainment and Rome River Jam did the dang thing AGAIN!

With a rock star lineup of Josh Bagwell, Tyler Braden, Jobe Fortner, Riley Green, and Kane Brown, you KNOW things got a little rowdy.

And with a name like Rome River Jam, it was easy to get inspired to create a summer lake day playlist based on the artists’ performances. Here’s 22 songs that were featured in the artists’ sets that will get you in the mood to get that old Mercury cranked up and reminisce on some of those summer shows gone past.




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