Andy Buckner Tells Us Where He Plans To Be “When Country Comes Back”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Are you tired of hearing something that just doesn’t sound exactly country? Do you crave the familiar sounds of a good Waylon song or a hefty dose of some redneck twang? Yeah? Well we do too. Andy Buckner and those like him are ready to see the COUNTRY put back in country music. We like to call it the return of authentic country and man are we happy to see the pendulum swinging towards the way things used to be.  A time when Country music was simple and pure. A time when Country was a way of life and you could hear it in the words and the tone of the songs being sang.

Andy’s new single “When Country Comes Back” tells all the things Andy and his co-writers are ready for. The easy times, the good times, the real lyrics, the musical revival.  Andy had this to tell us about the song: “I think it’s important to release this song right now in country music. I know I’ve missed hearing it on the radio, & I grew up on guys like Waylon, Haggard, Johnny Paycheck & Jerry Reed. I feel like country music fans are craving this sound and you got guys like Luke Combs, Riley Green, Morgan Wallen, Ray Fulcher & HARDY in the forefront taking us back to the sound that made us 80’s and 90’s kids love country music to begin with. I’m writing, playing & singing the songs I love. That’s never gonna change. Where y’all gonna be when country comes back?”

The track was released on Stepside Records and Buckner co-wrote it with Derek George, Monty Criswell and Taylor Phillips. If you ask us, the authentic country revival is HERE and we couldn’t be happier about it.  So ask yourself where you want to be in the musical wavelength when you look back on it. Music you can be proud to support and tell those grand-kids about the real stuff you listened to. Hopefully the music being made right now will rival the all time greats and be something that people crave in the future. We think tracks like this one and ones from the artists Andy mentions above are taking us right back there.

So, where you gonna be when country comes back?

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