I am ALL IN on Riley Green and here are 5 reasons why you should be too



1. Riley’s New EP Outlaws Like Us is one of the top releases of 2017 so far.

Though it is an EP and not a full album, Riley’s Outlaws Like Us really shows the strides he and his music have made since arriving in Nashville.

All six songs are thought provoking and meaningful tales. Not to mention that his most recent single “Running with an Angel” which is not on the EP but rounds out his newest music releases for 2017 is one of those songs you can play 15 times in a row and never get tired of.





 2. Riley Green just doesn’t SAY he is country he IS COUNTRY.

Many of you might know Riley from the CMT show Redneck Island but he also hosts an online hunting show, In The Hunt, on Dirt Road TV (an online TV network). Riley is a hunting, fishing, truck driving, family lovin, southern-raised redneck.

3. He already has a huge following in the Deep South

One thing industry heads look for in Nashville is someone who has a big following where they got their start. Riley sells out shows all throughout Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and other southeastern states. He had a rabid following before he even got to Nashville which is usually a big help in making it to the next step.

P.S. Riley get your tour bus rolling up north here soon we would love to introduce more redneck northerner people to your music’ (If you need someone to make some calls for you to venues I am volunteering my services right now)


4. Riley has a traditional country style while still keeping up with current country music trends.

Riley’s music sticks to traditional country storylines and the things he knows best. Drinking beers, loving women, losing that love, family, and being from the South. If you can’t relate to at least some of these topics can you really call yourself a country fan? His song, “Numbers on the Cars”, really tugs on your heart strings, it reminds me of the Glen Campbell documentary, I’ll Be Me,  about the struggles of Alzheimers. It gives the rollercoaster of emotions you get from having a loved one’s  memory still be there but just not be quite the same.

5. Riley is as good live as he is on his Albums.

Alright, so first let’s state the obvious here. Riley is a great looking dude.

He’s a 6 foot 4 Blue Eyed, Adonis looking country boy.  Rugged good looks get you some bonus points in country music and Riley fits the bill to a T. Ladies love him, guys want to drink 15 beers with him. I had the chance to catch Riley live twice this summer. Once in Chicago at Windy City Smokeout and then at the 65 South Whiskey Jam. Watching Riley perform is a real treat. His voice and stage presence are both what you would expect for a budding star already on a major tour. I was really drawn in at the Highway 65 show. Seeing the entire crowd at Whiskey Jam rocking out to his music really cemented that those who are in the know respect and love Riley’s live set.

So get on the Riley Green Fan Train now.  He is somehow still unsigned right now (Anyone have Scott Borchetta’s number to fix this?) but this train is moving fast and it’s just a matter of time before you hear him all over your county airwaves.




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