Riley Green Releases Brand New Song “Better Than Me” That Explains What We Are All Feeling Right Now

Nick Tressler– Raised Rowdy Founder

What day is it? What time is it? When will I see my friends again? When will life be what it once was?  Everyone in the world is feeling these same sentiments, but you have a few choices, you can choose to let the times and hardships beat you or you can take this as a sign.  A sign to do what you have been meaning to do.  The things that make you a good person. The things you Country folks do best.

“There’s a world on fire, feels like a bad dream did the hammer come down? Feels like a kick in the teeth” That hits home…

But what is more important in a time like this is another message.  That you have to take the bad with the good.  The track outlines the positives from all of this if you take the time to find them. Getting to mow your lawn the way you like, spending some quiet time with the people you love, some time getting to know yourself.

While our pockets might be a little lighter our hearts are just as full. 

The track started as a Skype write and the list of songwriters…. MAN. Jordan Fletcher, Charlie and Gary from Muscadine Bloodline, Ray Fulcher and Riley Green. That is a team if we have ever heard one.  This is Country music in it’s truest form folks.  Songs written about the sunshine coming from the chaos.

“Better Than Me” hits home on the feelings all of us are holding more than any other quarantine track we have heard so far.  It’s powerful, honest, inward looking while still showing the HOPE we all need in a time like this. 

Feel that healing power of music. Thank you Riley and crew for bringing some joy to our world when we sure need it the most. 

So I’ll stop talking and let the words from these country poets do what it does best. Give us hope. 


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Brand new song about everything going on in the world today. Hope y’all dig it. #countrymusic

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So tell the ones you love that you love em, and when you see those folks you can’t see right now squeeze em a little bit tighter.  Hard times are tough, but Country music and country folks are tougher. 

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