Jordan Fletcher Shares Video of Unreleaed Song “Girl Like Her”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder and Host of Raised Rowdy Radio

Jordan Fletcher has been wood-shedding a LOT of  great music since signing his published deal with Sea Gayle Music and he is ramping up to release some killer songs himself in 2020.

There are some bootleg videos you can find of Jordan on YouTube of him playing some of those new tracks live at shows, but the video we have for you today, Jordan recorded himself and MAN are we glad he did.

The track is titled “Girl Like Her” and Jordan wrote this one with Josh Phillips and Lalo Guzman. Jordan told us “the song came out quick, man. We sat down, Josh had the idea and we ran with it! The song is about how every relationship good and bad ultimately brings your current relationship together and you can be thankful for every situation even the negative ones.”

Man, this has us even more excited for some singles to drop in 2020 than we were before. Jordan has been working with Raised Rowdy favorite Jonathan Singleton on the studio versions of his new tracks and we cannot wait to hear them. Until then though, give this one a listen. It’s a good one!


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