Powerhouse songwriter Tyler Reeve drops his long-anticipated EP Bud-Wiser Six Pack

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder and Talladega Night super-fan

Go to your fridge, grab a Bud Heavy and get ready to listen to one of country music’s next stars. I’m talking about none other than Alabama-born Tyler Reeve.  I was lucky enough to catch Tyler playing at Joe’s on Weed Street in Chicago a few weeks ago and got to listen to the songs from this EP live.  Tyler is just as comfortable on stage as he is in a writing room and he is proficient at both tasks.

If you’re thinking…. “I don’t know Tyler Reeve” there is a very good chance you – at minimum – know music he has co-written. He’s helped pen numerous songs for other artists including Riley Green’s “Man Like Me”, Muscadine Bloodline’s “You on Me”, Luke Combs “I Got Away with You” and of course Brett Young’s No. 1 hit “In Case You Didn’t Know”.

Tyler’s Debut EP is packed with songs that evoke the same types of emotions as those. This EP shows off the full range Tyler’s songwriting. Tyler’s Bud-wiser Six Pack is heavy on the theme of love. Be it the love of a good time, lost love of a significant other or the missing feeling from being away from your other half.

The title track “Bud-Wiser” is a classic bar room singalong. After hearing it for the first time you can just hear the crowd echoing back Bud Wiser to Tyler as he performs it.  This song talks about the feeling of release you get from winding down with help of a few ice-cold cruisers.  Bud-Wiser is a playful song, but one that you can be sure will get the live crowd going when it is played live or on your local touch tunes machine.

“I Owe You a Beer” tell’s the tale of an ex trying to get back with a lost love… but with a very different twist. It is told from the point of view of the ex’s new love. Upbeat and straightforward, this song really shows the kind of song that Tyler is known for writing. A different twist on a classic idea.

“A Mile Away” tells the story of a distance that sometimes happens in a relationship. It talks about being together but so far apart. The lyrics, “It ain’t nothing for a car, but when it comes to a broken heart it’s just too far” really hit home for anyone who has been through a heartbreak. Tracing the rights and wrongs of a relationship and the thoughts haunting you.

Let’s talk about “My Hands”.  This song makes me think of Talladega nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  In that movie the main character played by Will Ferrell doesn’t know what to do with his hands when in a new situation.  Tyler’s uncomfortable demeanor comes from being away from his significant other for the first time in a long while.  He goes through his gambit of futile efforts to keep himself busy until his love returns from her girls trip.

“A Bar For That” is a good ole boy song (think Blake Shelton) that lightheartedly talks about finding right kind of barroom to heal every type of situation you have arise.  It talks about finally finding the problem you can’t seem to get rid of with the help of alcohol. Getting back your lost love.

“How Do you Sleep” is another lost love song.  It explains that yearning feeling you get while lying in bed wondering if the other person is feeling the same way as you. Wondering “Do you still keep your TV on for the light”. This song uses a play on wording of “How Do You Sleep”. Talking how do you physically sleep at night to how does the person emotionally move as quickly as them seem to.

I absolutely love this project. I have been awaiting Tyler’s debut (he has released a few songs one off previously) and this is as good as we expected. Tyler’s wordplay and voice are both top notch. We are sure you will love this project as much as we do.

So go grab Bud-Wiser Six Pack on iTunes and add it to your new music playlists. We know we sure did. It is always my favorite when an accomplished songwriter like Tyler gets to show you who he is as an artist.


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