On this week’s Rowdy Alternative we sit down with Aaron Sparling, Victor Arruda and Scott Metko of  Nashville rock band ‘Hippies And Cowboys’! From the origins of their formation to the vibrant Nashville music scene, we unravel the stories that have shaped their artistic identity. Dive into their high-energy live performances, discover the role of horns in their music, and gain insights into the camaraderie and competition that characterize the Nashville music scene.

As the conversation unfolds, Hippies and Cowboys candidly share their experiences in Nashville, offering glimpses into their perceptions of the city, the creative process behind making vinyl records, and the intricacies of recording at Muscle Shoals. From anecdotes about a memorable drummer to recommendations for other bands, the podcast is a treasure trove of musical insights. Tune in for an exclusive sneak peek into their goals for 2024, upcoming music releases and more!

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