The boys get right back in action after the first unofficial race of the season! Dawson and Caleb talk their issues with the current clash format, notable moments from the track, off track incidents and more. NASCAR finally found a way to beat the rain and made a great call, which means tons of great conversation from your favorite members of the Tritt Crew!


  • Moving the Clash to Saturday night was a positive decision for NASCAR.
  • The qualifying format for the Clash needs to be simplified.
  • The Clash provides entertaining racing, even if it is a non-points paying race.
  • Spire Motorsports is making significant strides in the NASCAR Cup Series.
  • The rivalry between Ty Gibbs and Joey Logano adds excitement to the sport. Joe Ligano is expected to have a successful career in NASCAR.
  • There were altercations and intense moments in the race.
  • There is a desire for improved broadcasting and coverage of NASCAR races.
  • Opinions on the clash and bumper car racing varied.
  • NASCAR Full Speed on Netflix received positive reviews. The crew chief plays a crucial role in a driver’s success and their relationship is an important aspect of NASCAR.
  • Bubba Wallace has a different mentality compared to other drivers, which adds an interesting dynamic to the sport.
  • The new bodies of Ford and Toyota cars in NASCAR are highly anticipated and have generated excitement among fans.
  • The hosts are looking forward to upcoming events such as the Daytona 500 and share personal updates.
  • The hosts express their gratitude for their listeners and their dedication to producing the podcast.


00:00: NASCAR’s Decision to Move the Clash to Saturday Night
07:48: The Need for Changes in the Clash Format
13:15: The Entertainment Value of the Clash
18:41: The Performance of Drivers in Qualifying
23:47: The Rise of Spire Motorsports
27:28: The Rivalry Between Ty Gibbs and Joey Logano
30:08: Discussion about Joe Ligano and altercations in the race
36:33: Critique of Fox’s coverage and missed moments
43:02: Desire for improved broadcasting and competition
47:21: Opinions on the clash and bumper car racing
55:52: NASCAR Full Speed on Netflix and the focus on certain drivers
59:09: Potential return of NASCAR Full Speed on Netflix
01:00:27: Positive review of NASCAR Full Speed on Netflix
01:00:37: Highlighting the Crew Chief
01:01:05: Bubba Wallace’s Different Mentality
01:01:43: Ford and Toyota’s New Bodies
01:03:31: Upcoming Events and Personal Updates
01:04:21: Super Bowl Predictions
01:05:37: Enjoying the Super Bowl
01:06:26: Looking Forward to the Daytona 500
01:07:13: Appreciation for Listeners
01:08:07: Commitment to the Podcast
01:09:02: Closing Remarks
01:09:41: Hack of the Week

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