In this conversation, Nicky T, Kurt Ozan, and Bryan Frazier discuss various topics including their experiences in Nashville, the music industry, and their upcoming trip to Key West. They also talk about Bryan’s new single ‘Cold One Waitin’ and the impact of social media on independent artists. In this conversation, Bryan discusses his experience of unexpectedly gaining popularity on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and the impact it had on his career. He emphasizes the importance of trusting your gut and putting out music that you believe in. The conversation then shifts to the origins of Butt Rock Night, a popular meme account dedicated to 2000s rock music. Bryan and the hosts discuss the success of the account and the power of memes in promoting music. They also touch on the resurgence of rock music and their love for artists like Scott Stapp and Nickelback. The conversation concludes with Bryan discussing his upcoming shows and the support he has received from a promoter in Virginia.

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