In this episode, Keller Cox joins (Kurt Ozan and Nick Tressler) on the Raised Rowdy podcast to catch up with the guys and discuss various topics related to his music career. They talk about the benefits of co-writing, the challenges of being a musician, and the importance of taking care of mental health. Keller also shares his experience with cold showers and how they have helped him mentally. The conversation touches on the game Sips, a drinking game Keller plays with his audience during shows. The episode concludes with a discussion about the generosity of Richards & Southern and the importance of giving back in the music industry. In this conversation, Keller Cox discusses his journey in the music industry and the blessings he has experienced. He talks about the positive energy and support he has received from the music community. Keller also shares his experiences touring with The Castellows and the challenges of performing acoustic shows. He emphasizes the importance of living the dream and being a part of something bigger. Keller discusses the overlap of fans between himself and the Castellows and the dopamine addiction in the music industry. He also talks about adding new elements to his live shows and the excitement of releasing his new album WHICH is out Friday March 22nd.

Takeaways -The music industry is a supportive community where positive energy and good deeds are reciprocated. -Being a part of the music world is a blessing and an opportunity to interact with talented artists and industry professionals. -Performing acoustic shows can be challenging but also a confidence-building experience. -Living the dream in the music industry requires perseverance and the ability to appreciate the journey.

Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Catching Up

02:23 Getting into Co-Writing

04:18 The Benefits of Co-Writing

06:39 Favorite Co-Writers

09:17 The Challenges of Being a Musician

11:40 Finding Joy in the Journey

13:33 The Frustrations of the Music Industry

15:27 Taking Care of Mental Health

19:11 The Benefits of Cold Showers

22:05 The Game of Sips

26:50 The Generosity of Richards & Southern

30:10 The Importance of Giving Back

31:09 Feeling Blessed to be a Part of the Music World

33:04 Living the Dream in Nashville

34:01 Touring with The Castellows

35:11 Challenges of Performing Acoustic Shows

36:09 Being a Part of Something Bigger

37:35 Overlap of Fans between Keller Cox and The Castellows

38:31 Dopamine Addiction in the Music Industry

39:21 Unique Experiences on Stage

40:19 Adding New Elements to Live Shows

41:43 Memorable Moments on Stage

43:38 Nicky T talks about annoucing Muscadine Bloodline at a Festival

44:35 The Importance of Introducing the Show

45:34 Adding New Tools to the Tool Belt

46:57 The Excitement of Releasing a New Album

49:51 The Joy of Being a Homeowner

52:45 Upcoming Album Release Show

56:04 The Thoughtful Track Listing of the Album

58:39 Excitement for the Album Release

01:00:05 Shoutouts to Other Texas Artists”

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