Colby Acuff sits down with Kurt and Nicky T to discuss Colby’s new record and it’s first single “Scared of the Dark”. Kurt and Colby talk about living near each other and the benefits of being neighbors. They also share stories from their tours and performances, including their experiences at the Georgia Theater and the Ryman Auditorium. Colby talks about the passing of his father and how it has already influenced his music career. They also discuss the business side of being an artist and the importance of learning about the music industry. The conversation covers various topics including Colby’s stress and dreams during a difficult time in his career, his excitement about opening for Luke Combs, his upcoming stadium tour, and the creation of his new record ‘American Sun’. The record explores themes of the state of the union, mental health, hope, and love. Colby discusses the process of creating the record with producer Eddie Spear and the genre-crossing sound they aimed for. He also mentions the plan to release the record in multiple EPs to provide a more consumable experience for listeners. Colby discusses the songs and features on his upcoming EP, as well as his plans for the visual side of the record. He also talks about the challenges and rewards of fame, the importance of positivity in the band dynamic, and his love for playing Dungeons & Dragons with his bandmates.

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