Josh Phillips Hopes to Find a Past Love “In a Bar Somewhere”

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

For many of us, having a few too many drinks can get the mind thinking about things, even a past love that you can’t seem to get over. The same can be said for Josh Phillips, who just released a ballad that is about this exact story-line.

“In a Bar Somewhere” was released on March 8th and is a very special song for Phillips, who says in a post on Instagram that the song is about “going through a break up knowing you’re not supposed to be together, but you still love that person, and you can’t help to think about them, especially after a few drinks.” Although the lyrics capture calling up your ex in hopes of re-connecting, Phillips and his co-writing powerhouses Randy Montana and Erik Dylan, probably wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, especially if you ended your past relationship in a sour fashion (A.K.A. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME). This could result in violating a restraining order and getting you in trouble with your exes new lover. Although looking at Josh recently it doesn’t look like Ole boy would have any trouble in a bit of  a scuffle. 

Some fans got a very exclusive listen in February of 2018 at 103.5 WEZL’s Dixie Vodka Performance Lounge in Charleston, SC, where Phillips performed the acoustic version. Check it out below:

This track is a good way for Phillips to gain traction before summer, when he will be taking the stage at Tailgate N’ Tallboys and at The Country Fest in North Lawrence, Ohio and plenty of other shows. 

Follow Phillips on Instagram and Twitter @imjoshphillips and download his new single on streaming sites everywhere!



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