Welcome to “Rowdy Alternative”! This week Sam has got an electric episode in store for you as we hang out with the incredible members of Dexter and The Moonrocks – James Tuffs, Ryan Anderson, Ty Anderson, and Ryan Fox.

In this episode, the guys share how they found their unique sound of blending Country and various genres of Rock, tease some new music that’s coming later this fall and tell some tales from the road! Tune in for an exclusive sneak peek into their creative process, the stories that fuel their lyrics, and the raw energy that powers their riffs. Of course, no rock band is complete without some insane touring stories. The fellas also share their thoughts on Y’allternative!

Light one up, and join us for an epic chat with Dexter and The Moonrocks as we dive headfirst into the heart and soul of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s loud, it’s wild, and it’s all happening right here on “Rowdy Alternative.” Crank it up! 🎸🀘

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Produced by: Matt Burrill

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