On this episode of the Raised Rowdy Podcast, the conversation revolves around the experiences of Mat Maxwell and Seth Costner, who have written a book together called ‘Hired Musician: A Guide to Getting and Keeping Gigs’. They discuss their journey as musicians, the importance of showing up and honing your craft, and the challenges of keeping gigs. They also touch on topics like self-awareness, building camaraderie with bandmates, and the cultural dynamics within different bands. The book covers various aspects of being a professional musician, including networking, professionalism, and the importance of continuous learning and growth. In this conversation, Mat, Seth, Kurt, and Nick discuss various topics related to being a musician, including the joy of playing music, the different types of gigs, the importance of mindset, and common myths about being a musician. They emphasize the importance of staying positive, advocating for oneself, and finding a balance between talent and hard work. They also touch on the financial aspects of being a musician and the decision to move to a music hub like Nashville. Overall, the conversation provides insights and advice for aspiring musicians.

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