On this episode of the Raised Rowdy podcast Kurt Ozan and Nicky T have Alex Hall on! The gang discusses Alex’s influences as a guitar player and his journey in the music industry. He talks about how he started playing guitar and the guitar players who inspired him, such as Vince Gill, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley. He also shares his experience of playing cover gigs and how it helped him develop his guitar skills and stage presence. Alex then talks about his most recent album, ‘Side Effects of the Heart,’ and the process of creating it. He specifically mentions the song ‘Women and Horses’ and how it was inspired by his upbringing around horses and strong women in his life. In this part of the conversation, Kurt and Alex discuss their love for photography and watches. They talk about their favorite cameras and the joy of shooting film. They also touch on the influence of becoming a father on Alex’s songwriting and his plans for his next album. Kurt and Alex discuss their upcoming tours and the dynamics of performing with a full band versus acoustic. They also talk about the importance of having space in the sound and the joy of playing music. The conversation then shifts to their experiences with alcohol and Alex and Nick’s decisions to take a break from drinking. They discuss the financial and health benefits of cutting back and finding alternative ways to relax and have fun. They also touch on the importance of having supportive friends and the positive changes they’ve experienced


00:00 Introduction and Influences
09:59 The Journey to ‘Side Effects of the Heart’
27:56 Funny Moments and Mistakes
40:11 Photography and Watches
53:28 Fatherhood and Songwriting
59:52 The Dynamics of Touring and Performing
01:13:29 Alternative Ways to Relax and Have Fun

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