Carson Jeffrey jumps on the Raised Rowdy Podcast with Kurt and Nicky T to discuss among other things his upcoming live album and the Texas music scene. He talks about his band and their energetic live shows. Carson shares his love for rodeo and golf, and mentions some of the artists who have influenced him, including Cross Canadian Ragweed, ZZ Top, Chris Knight, Ryan Bingham, and William Clark Green. He also mentions his goal of playing at the Houston Rodeo. The guys discuss the excitement of performing live and the diverse lineups at the Houston Rodeo including talks about the crossover of Texas country into mainstream culture and the importance of authenticity. Carson shares his plans for the future, including his upcoming album and his involvement in the rodeo and Western brands. He mentions his excitement about becoming a father and his goal to continue playing shows and connecting with fans. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the music scene in college towns and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background

01:02 Recording a Live Album in Catspring, Texas

08:07 Influences: Cross Canadian Ragweed, ZZ Top, and More

26:15 The Thrill of Performing Live at the Houston Rodeo

27:19 The Crossover of Texas Country into Mainstream Culture

28:17 The Importance of Authenticity in Texas Country

30:30 Upcoming Album with a Western Theme

33:08 Involvement in the Rodeo and Western Brand

36:01 Excitement about Fatherhood and Balancing Career

45:33 The Supportive Music Scene in College Towns

49:23 Staying True to Yourself in the Music Industry

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