In this episode, Faren Rachels joins the Raised Radio Podcast to discuss all that has been going on is her life both musically an otherwise. The conversation begins with reminiscing about past experiences and emotional songs in country music. They also touch on the future of songwriting and the use of technology in music creation. Faren shares her experience with boxing and the transformative power of the sport as well as discussing the importance of physical fitness and personal growth. The conversation concludes with a discussion about Faren’s recent music releases and the importance of authenticity in your music. Faren talks about the rise of women in country music, the impact of TikTok on the industry, and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of ups and downs. Faren emphasizes the need for passion and dedication in pursuing a career in music.

  • Stay true to yourself and your music, even in the face of industry pressures.
  • The process of writing songs can be collaborative and rewarding.
  • Tattoos can hold personal meaning and serve as reminders of important moments in life.
  • The music industry has its ups and downs, and it’s important to have a strong support system and a love for the journey.
  • The recent rise of women in country music and the impact of platforms like TikTok are changing the industry landscape.

00:00 Introduction and reminiscing
01:01 Emotional songs and songwriting
03:51 The future of songwriting and technology
04:40 The use of technology in music creation
05:38 The new Raised Rowdy studio and upcoming plans
06:06 Faren’s knee surgery and boxing match
08:23 Faren’s song “Let You Down”
09:52 Health insurance and recovery
10:50 Boxing training and experience
13:45 The mental and physical aspects of boxing
15:36 The transformative power of boxing
20:23 Quitting smoking and personal growth
21:49 Faren’s recent music releases
25:02 The impact of Kurt’s running on music listening
27:16 Faren’s early encounters with  and Raised Rowdy
29:10 The possibility of FGL getting back together
31:37 Faren’s recent music and authenticity
35:24 Writing “The Rug”
36:19 The Magic of Songwriting
36:47 Cowboy Bill’s
39:07 Getting Sponsorships
40:01 Dreaming of Sponsorships
40:30 Getting Tattoos
50:36 Tattoos and Ashley McBryde
51:36 Smoking Cigars
52:32 Cigar Bars and Events
53:26 Drinking and Hangovers
55:15 Ups and Downs in the Music Industry
57:30 Publishing Deals for Artists and Songwriters
58:53 Expenses of Putting Music Out
01:00:23 The TikTok Grind
01:02:15 Women on the Radio
01:03:37 The TikTok Effect
01:05:13 The Ups and Downs of the Music Business
01:06:40 Closing Remarks

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