Kurt Ozan and Nick Tressler sit down with WME partner and booking agent for Luke Combs (among others) Aaron Tannenbaum to discuss his role in the music industry. Aaron shares his journey in the booking industry and explains the responsibilities of a booking agent. He highlights the importance of luck and humility in his career and discusses the different styles of booking agents. Aaron also talks about booking shows in advance and the challenges of working with different artists. He shares his experience transitioning to a new agency and provides insights into booking NFL stadiums and last-minute shows.

In this conversation, the guys discuss the challenges of ticketing and marketing for live shows, including the difficulties of coordinating ticket sales and pricing. They also delve into the issue of scalpers and the impact they have on ticket prices. The conversation highlights the importance of creating value around shows and building a strong fan base. They also touch on the role of agents in the music industry and the need for passion and connection to sell tickets. The conversation concludes with advice for aspiring agents and artists seeking booking deals.


Ticketing and marketing for live shows can be challenging, requiring careful coordination and pricing strategies.

Scalpers can manipulate ticket prices and create difficulties for artists and fans.

Creating value around shows and building a strong fan base is crucial for selling tickets.

Agents play a vital role in the music industry, working hard to promote and book shows for their clients.

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