Josh Meloy Releases Brand New Single, ‘1,000 Miles’

Oklahoma artist Josh Meloy, is finally back with some more music. Over the past couple years, it was pretty nuts to watch him absolutely explode in popularity. He’s had a lot of success with streams including Met the Devil in OklahomaYou Here Tonight and especially Porch Light, which is currently sitting at over 105 million. The storytelling that Meloy does in his songs stands out among his peers and is very impressive, and the growing quality and maturity that we see with each release is exciting to witness.

On April 5th, he released his newest single, 1,000 Miles, a tune about being on the road and missing your whole world at home. Meloy’s gravelly, unique vocals fit very well with the aesthetic and the instrumental element is super solid. Also worth noting is the production, which gives this otherwise sad song an equally warm feeling to really slip us into the ambiance. Meloy still has his fastball and has shown zero signs of slowing down, all while road-doggin’ it and popping off in every state he drives through.

We can’t wait to see even more from Josh Meloy, but as for now, check out his newest single, 1,000 Miles.


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