PREMIERE: Revelry Releases New Music Video for ‘Part-Time Playboy’

Cover Photo by Susan Lovvern Reed

Nashville southern rockers Revelry are dropping the music video for their newest single, “Part-Time Playboy.” Lucky for you, you can see it here first on Raised Rowdy.

Complete with a thumping, funky bass line that drives the song along accompanied with a booming drumbeat, “Part-Time Playboy” is a great example of how Revelry is growing as a talented group of musicians. The riffs are gritty, solos shred, and the vocals build an excellent melody. The story behind the song can be viewed as biographical to many of us die-hard live music fans – we all work to get to the weekend so we can let loose and party.

For a more in-depth read about the single release, click here.

Check out the premiere of the new music video below!



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