Warren Zeiders Releases Debut Album, ‘717 Tapes: The Album’

Warren Zeiders debut album, 717 Tapes: The Album, is here! For those unfamiliar with Warren, if you want some background on who he is, click here. For those who are more versed in Warren’s rise to fame, let’s dive right into the album. As the name suggests, 717 Tapes: The Album is just that, a blend of Warren’s music so far put together into one package. The 717 Tapes and 717 Tapes, Vol. 2 EPs, plus singles “Up to No Good” and “One Hell of an Angel” make up the first 13 songs. The final two songs are the only ones making their debuts with this album: “Heavy Pour” and “Highway Run.”
Fans of Warren might be a little disappointed by this news. At first, I do have to admit I was. But don’t discredit this album just because it isn’t all new. Albums like 717 Tapes: The Album don’t happen anymore. It’s simple, and untouched by Nashville. Most of the album is made up of 3 elements: Warren’s voice, his words, and his guitar. That doesn’t happen in 2022. It’s the purest form of country music you can have, and it’s awesome.

If you know who Warren is, you likely heard “Ride the Lightning,” the song that made him go viral. A fantastic song for sure, but not the only one that makes this album special. “Up to No Good” is the only song on the album that has an electric guitar. It’s a hard-core rock song. It also feels like a sign of Zeiders’ future sound now that he has a full band behind him. If I’m right about that, I can’t wait for his next chapter. Another song I like is “Wild Horse.” This song is a piano balled. It uses the wild horse as symbology for the future. In the song he talks about how he is chasing something that is untamable. It feels like a western, when I hear it I picture the Rocky Mountains and wild Mustangs running through pastures. It’s a simple, but cool song.

Warren Zeiders is bringing a new edge to country music that hasn’t been heard in a while. He is mixing western, country, and rock into one package. He’s parlayed a viral Tiktok song into an album, a huge tour, and is set up well for a huge future. I’m excited to finally get the full 717 Tapes: The Album, and I’m hoping that new music isn’t too far away from the rising superstar. I’m even more excited to see him live in person in a few weeks. His show looks electric. In true Raised Rowdy fashion, you can bet I’ll be front row jamming out!

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