Warren Zeiders Drops New Jam ‘One Hell of an Angel’

Warren Zeiders dropped a new song today that should be an absolute smash. “One Hell of an Angel” is a little different than what we’ve heard from the up and comer so far, but damn… it’s good. If you’re like me, you want your country music to be gritty, rough around the edges, and authentic. That’s exactly what Zeiders does. The PA native didn’t take the traditional Nashville route to stardom, so his music isn’t polished. It’s raw, straight out of the heartland of America. It sounds like you’re sitting around a fire with your guitar-playing buddy, drinking a few beers.

Photo Credit: Preston Leatherman

We all know Warren got social media famous from his jam “Ride the Lightning.” But Warren isn’t a flash in the pan with one viral song – he’s a full-on county music outlaw. That lifestyle is exactly what “One Hell of an Angel” is all about. Zeiders uses acoustic guitars and his deep, gritty voice to describe what he thinks it’ll take for a woman to tame him. Zeiders believes that his perfect woman exists for him, but she just isn’t in his life yet. He describes how he needs a woman “with fire in her eyes to go and cut these ties that bind this soul to the highway to hell that I’m heading down” I can’t get enough of this line. It’s a very well written song, well thought out, and delivered well.  The song shows off a new side of Zeiders that we haven’t seen yet: a lighter, more sensitive side. Every outlaw has a soft spot, and we finally get a glimpse into his.

Photo Courtesy of Artist

One gripe I’ve always had with acoustic music is it often isn’t produced well. A lot of times the guitars are too loud, so you can’t really hear the singing. The way this song has been recorded and produced eliminates that issue. I recommend “One Hell of an Angel” gets added to your playlist immediately.

In other Warren Zeiders news, a new song isn’t the only thing coming. He has a whole ass album coming out on September 30th (Happy Birthday me!). The new album, 717 Tapes: The Album will feature 15 songs, including “Ride the Lightning,” “One Hell of an Angel,” and “Up to No Good” which got released in July. Based on what we’ve gotten so far, I expect it to be full of bangers. Warren is setting himself up to finish 2022 strong, and I suspect that 2023 will be a massive year for the rising star. Hop on the bandwagon early, because Warren has all the makings to be very successful for a very long time. Listen to the song here!




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