Singer-Songwriter Palmer Anthony Releases ‘Letterman’

Based out of Forth Worth, Texas, singer-songwriter Palmer Anthony is bringing the heat with his newest single “Letterman.” With classic Texas twang and swing, the tune is very sonically pleasing. The standout feature, however, is the writing. Anthony’s wordplay with ”letterman” is very clever, among other elements he worked well with, like his cadence throughout the track.

”I was in between places, in a moving process from Austin to Fort Worth and actually came across some old yearbooks from high school,” Anthony explains. “It was a solo write in a nostalgic headspace and I figured I’d take that word ‘letterman’ and plant in it three different times of my life; when I had my letterman jacket, when I gave her a letter and when I let her go.”

Give Palmer Anthony’s newest single, “Letterman,” a listen below!

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