Exclusive Premiere: Halle Kearns “Shoes To Fill” Music Video

The world puts people in your life for a reason. Sometimes you have to find those people that end up meaning the most to you, but a lot of people are lucky enough to have supportive and loving people in their lives from the moment they take their first breath. Rising country star Halle Kearns sings her new single “Shoes To Fill”  about the love she receives from her father and how having such a strong parental figure gives her high hopes for finding someone that can “fill the shoes” of her Dad.

Halle told us: “Shoes To Fill is a song about my relationship with my dad and the way he has shown me my worth in regards to the way I expect to be loved and valued. In the song, I’m speaking directly to my future someone and letting them know that the bar has been set high. It’s an incredibly special song to me, and my favorite I’ve written so far because it’s so authentic and true to my story. My dad is my best friend, and I’m beyond excited to have my listeners hear about what a stand-up guy he is through these lyrics. I hope each person is able to take this song and make it their own. Whether that’s in relation to their own father, mother, or anyone who has done an outstanding job of making sure they know they’re loved whole-heartedly.”

While the song itself really tells the story of Halle’s love for her father and his for her, the video that we are premiering for you today takes that sentiment to another level. Halle told us: “When the conversation about a ‘Shoes to Fill’ video began, I immediately knew I wanted something super stripped down and intimate. I wanted the set to be dreamy and ethereal, but allow the lyrics to speak for themselves. Dawson Waters was the director and brains behind the project and I think he brought that vision to life beautifully.”

We have been big fans of Halle for a while now, having showcased her on one of our 5 Artists You Should Know. Her modern take on Country music stays rooted in tradition while also exploring what is happening in the industry right now. The songs she has released so far are pretty powerful. Music heals, music brings hope, and music can bring you to a time and place that nothing else on this crazy planet can, and sometimes a song means as much to people that hear it as it does to those who wrote it.  The best songs by the best artists do, and we hope this song and this video for “Shoes to Fill” makes you connect to Halle and her music the way we do.

So here is the video for “Shoes To Fill” and after you give it a watch and a listen make sure you tell the people that have been there for you and have shown you your worth just how much they mean to you.





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