New Release Friday a Few Hours Early!

Izzi Mitchell Raised Rowdy Contributor 

Hell yeah! Today we have some seriously awesome Country music out. I’ve been particularly looking forward to this week due to the great country artists’ music we have out. Ryan Hurd has released a new EP, we have new Brandon Lay and Eric Van Houten (a personal fave) and even some Russell D (finally). This week I have been drinking again and haven’t slept yet, so let’s prove why we’re Raised Rowdy. Always a couple hours early, the one bonus of living in Australia is I get to be one of the first to hear new music. Let’s dive in.

Sunday Never Ends – Eric Van Houten

“There’s a bonfire bar and the man in the stars is up there putting on a show, let a shot or two get you a hundred proof loose and light that spirit in your soul then you take her hand now you’re dancing lord there ain’t no sweeter sound”

I absolutely had to start this week with new Eric Van Houten. I can promise you if you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. He has an incredible voice and is extremely talented when it comes to writing songs. I think I’ve been a fan of him since his very first songs were on Spotify. “‘Sunday Never Ends’ was inspired by the lifestyle of kicking it every weekend with good people, good music, good drinks and nothing but the Lord above watching over us. Keeping the high energy that comes along with a good old-fashioned backwoods party. I wrote this song with Danny Myrick and we both fell in love with the energy and DeStefano and I knew we had to cut it. It brings a big energy to the live show! Excited to have a summer jam for people to bump anywhere with friends.” says Van Houten. It’s a damn feel-good song and definitely a summer anthem. This one will be on repeat for a while.

Me On – Jordan Fletcher

“’Cause if you want, just say the word and we’ll be gone, right up the road it wont take long, slipping you out of this neon”

Well this is a damn sexy song if I ever heard one. I can totally imagine getting down to this one, so if you’re in the mood tonight you should crank this one up. His voice is husky and hot too, just as a bonus.

Crazy Like You – Brandon Lay

“She ain’t crazy like you, hate my friends like you, she don’t ruin a Friday night over nothing like you, she don’t steal my jacket, put down my job, change the radio just to piss me off…”

Mmm, some more Brandon Lay, another personal favorite. He describes his personal dream girl and everything she does… but somehow she doesn’t drive him crazy like the girl before. I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives – trying to date someone so good for you but having trouble leaving the past alone.

Home Sweet – Russell Dickerson

“Quarter acre, and a two-bed farmhouse, Polaroid kiss with a red sold sign. Sittin’ on boxes in the living room laughing and crying, just staring at those two pink lines, time to make a little more room in our home sweet”

This is a beautiful song. I am nodding my head along to every beat. I love that Russell produces, writes and sings his own music. He’s extremely talented. I am such a fan of Russell and his wife Kailey, they completely have the love that one can only dream of.  I think that’s why his songs are so genuine, they make you dream of that impossibly perfect love that we all spend our whole lives chasing. This song must be about their recent pregnancy which is so beautiful to watch over Instagram. These two are total couple goals.

Stick That In Your Country Song – Eric Church

“Stick that in your country song- Take that one to number one- Get the whole world singing along- Stick that in your country song”

Just to top off this week there’s new Eric Church? This one holds as much sass and attitude as all his others, which makes it a damn good time. As a big Eric Church fan, this is exactly what I’ve been craving.

Payback – Ryan Hurd, feat. The Cadillac Three

“No way that girl is pretty as you, I never even seen her but I know that it’s true, and if he was worth a damn then he wouldn’t have blown it, think about it that way feels good don’t it?”

This is just a real-good country song. I am definitely setting this as my morning alarm for finally a good wake up. What a combo. This is the cut that put Ryan Hurd on the map as a songwriter.  

Money On You – Jason Nix

“You’re the ace I been needing to keep up my sleeves you’re the lucky streak I feel comin’ on”

Oh yeah right before I was going to go to sleep this one pumped me all the way up. If you’re a betting man this song will hit you right there, and if you’re not it’ll get you rowdy otherwise. I might even go so far as to say this is the best one he’s ever released. Definitely one to check out, and then play at least five more times.

And that’s it for this week y’all. It’s been a damn good one, and I’m way too hyped to go to sleep. Follow our Raised Rowdy New Country Playlist for all these songs and more. Until next week, all the love.

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