Clay Barker Shows His Softer Side in Latest Single

Brad Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

If you’ve ever been to a Clay Barker show, you’d know that there’s a lot of hard-hitting songs that keep the crowd juiced up. Songs like “Hold My Beer” and “One of Them” are two of Barker’s upbeat songs that has gained him lots of traction over the past year. These songs bring the energetic atmosphere that will always be a staple in Barker’s live shows, but his new single “She’s the One” will add a little more romance to the set list.

Barker, like many of the other rising stars in this new wave of country music, hails from Alabama. Here, he’s cut his teeth in venues like Birmingham’s Zydeco, Bourbon Street Bar in Auburn, and Gallettes Bar in Tuscaloosa, opening for some of our favorites including Mitchell Tenpenny, The Steel Woods, and Jobe Fortner.

The track itself came out May 1st and features unique lyrics that came about in a very unconventional way. Barker went to his Instagram to tell the story behind the song. “The real story behind this song is that I date Ella Langley, which many of y’all may already know. She and I got into an argument like most couples do, so instead of going into separate rooms and calling friends to talk about it or just cooling down, we both decided to go in separate rooms and write songs about how we felt.”

Barker could instantly tell that the lyrics he was writing were a lot different from those that she was writing. “I could tell by listening through the wall that she wasn’t very happy by the lyrics she was singing and I wanted to go in there and apologize. Instead, I grabbed a guitar and decided to write down a list of things that made me fall madly in love with this girl.”

This single is the first release in 2020 and it comes after two previous singles that were released in 2019.

Before COVID-19 took over, Barker was playing shows all over the Southeast, making stops in Atlanta, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa, among others.

To stay up to date on all things surrounding Clay Barker, visit him at or on Instagram @ClayBarker_music.

His latest single “She’s the One” is available on streaming platforms everywhere today!

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