Raised Rowdy Outdoors: Abram Dean Brings Outdoor and Music Community Together in Music Row Outdoors

Brad Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

There’s a certain simplicity that comes along in writing a Country song. Its lyrics often speak of the common person, who works a forty-hour week then goes home to his/her family. These songs are why Country music fans are so passionate. These songs tell the story of their life for the rest of the world to hear. The same can be said for the outdoors. Many of these everyday people I just spoke of also have a constant desire to be outdoors. For songwriter Abram Dean, he’s bringing the two worlds together through Music Row Outdoors.

“I’m originally from Virginia and grew up hunting and fishing on my grandparents farm just outside of Richmond, VA. I found my way out to Los Angeles for music where I signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell and wrote out there for a few years,” says Dean. “I was writing pop music but I grew up listening to it all… pop, gospel, country, etc. A few years later my publisher had set up a week long Nashville writing trip for me. Long story short, I came to Nashville & two days into my writing trip I fell in love with this city and decided to move here within the month.”

After moving to Nashville, Dean realized the shared passion that many of his musical friends had for the outdoors and through that came Music Row Outdoors. The group now does various writer’s rounds, cooking events and archery shoots, benefiting wildlife/conservation groups.

The honesty in Country music is something that cannot be replicated and that’s exactly why Dean thinks there’s a direct correlation between the two lifestyles. “It’s a lifestyle. A lot of the Country music singers and songwriters grew up hunting and fishing. It’s part of who they are and it shows in their music and lyrics.”

With the world currently at a standstill, Dean also believes that getting outside to partake in hunting and fishing is more important than ever. “Our schools, businesses, restaurants, etc. are closed but the outdoors remain open. We can still go hunt, fish and hike responsibly. This time has been rough so far but the opportunity it has given families to become closer and actually sit down at a dinner table together is amazing. I personally have been able to spend more time with family and have been able to get out of the house to go turkey hunting this spring.”

For our Nashvillian friends who are currently looking for something to do, Davidson County and the surrounding areas have a plethora of spots to visit. “If you’re just looking to see nature and/or go for a great hike.. a couple of my personal favorites are Radnor Park and Percy Warner. If you’re looking to hunt and don’t have a private piece of property to hunt on… TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) has done an amazing job with their public lands in the surrounding Nashville area. Anyone can buy a hunting license and go!”

Abram Dean and Music Row Outdoors are doing their part to keep everybody sane during this time inside. Every Friday night, MRO is taking over NWTF’s (National Wild Turkey Federation) Facebook LIVE for their “Spring Seclusion Concert Series.” They are also launching a project to help other groups who have had to cancel hundreds of their events due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

To learn more about Music Row Outdoors, visit them at www.MusicRowOutdoors.com or on Instagram @MusicRowOutdoors.

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