Check Out This Video – Jonathan Singleton and Friends Record “Revelry” Straight to Vinyl

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Many of you know Jonathan Singleton for his writing prowess and as head of 50 Egg Music, but before he was writing number one hits for other folks he was in a band called Jonathan Singleton and the Grove which had a record deal (Showdog /Universal/Universal South), put a few tracks to radio and just made overall DARN good music.  After deciding he was stepping out of the spotlight a little bit, he independently released a really powerful album called The Getaway.

The Getaway is one my favorite albums of the last 10 years. I wrote a feature on it HERE as one of my early articles back when I first started Raised Rowdy.  It is a complete record of what Country music is meant to be – genuine lyrics with a full-tilt ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Real, truthful and timeless.  I often find myself dipping back into this album when I want something I know I won’t skip a track on.

That leads me to our article today. I stumbled upon the video below while listening to some writers round clips and it just seemed like the perfect Throwback Thursday material.

You can see Jonathan with Brad Tursi from Old Dominion and Dustin Nunley (Longtime band member of Jonathan’s band The Grove and newest band member of Luke Combs Band) sing harmonies while Dustin plays the banjo in accompaniment of Jonathan on guitar being cut directly to vinyl.

With vinyl being all the craze in the physical media world right now as a way to get back to something you actually touch and feel, it is great to see Jonathan ahead of the curve when he put this record out in 2013.  “Revelry” is a stand out track on a truly special record. And seeing it happen live really gives it that extra layer of depth that allows you to connect on a deeper level to the music.

The real question now is, how the heck do we get our hands on one of those vinyl records?

While we all try to figure that out, you can snag another record recorded in this same way for only $10 while supplies last over at the Whiskey Jam Store that includes a new track by Jonathan as well as many other talented artists. In a few years people will be trying to hunt these down like we are with the “Revelry” vinyl now and once they are gone they are gone.

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