Kalsey Kulyk Takes on Heartbreak in New Video for “Damn You Love”

Stacie Hestand Raised Rowdy Contributor

When her self-titled album released back in August, Kalsey Kulyk put a fresh spin on heartbreak with the confessional track “Damn You Love”, where she talks to the feeling like it’s the other half of a heartfelt conversation; “I’ve got scars to prove that you’re no good for me/you never live up to who you’re supposed to be/I’ve run from you but never fast enough.” The song is the occasion for her newest music video, where Kulyk’s silky-smooth twang and powerful lyrics narrate the scenes of a couple falling in love and falling apart.

We got the chance to catch up with Kulyk, who told us a little bit about how the track came to be, “’Damn You Love’ is one of my favorites on the album! I love the song, the production, the way it personifies love, but my favorite thing about it is the back story. When I was 16 years old I heard Taylor Swift’s ‘Tim McGraw’ on the radio for the first time. I immediately bought the album, listened to it on repeat and read the writer’s credits to see who created the songs on this wonderful album. Liz Rose was a reoccurring name. Then and there was when I promised myself that one day I would write with her, some day somehow. Time went on, flash forward 10 years and I’m in the room with Liz Rose and Phil Barton. It was a pretty epic day and we came out with, in my opinion, a pretty epic song. I’m really glad my 16 year old self understood the law of attraction and hard work.”

Classic and pretty, the video perfectly suits both Kulyk’s sound and the subject that “Damn You Love” tackles. Be sure to check out the rest of her music on Spotify if you like what you hear here.

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