Jon Langston Answers to Fan’s Demand with New EP

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

At the beginning of 2019, the folks here at Raised Rowdy came up with a list of artists that we expected to really take off over the course of the year. To qualify, an artist had to be exceptional in the following categories: Stage presence, vocals and songwriting, the IT factor and the buzz. For Jon Langston, he has every single one of these tools PLUS some and that’s why he was on this list. With that being said, we were correct in our hypothesis because Jon Langston has quite possibly had the biggest year of his life, going on tour with Luke Bryan, releasing multiple new singles, selling out headlining shows and announcing that he’s opening for Morgan Wallen on his Whiskey Glasses Roadshow. To continue this good run, Langston released his highly anticipated EP Now You Know.

Photo by Ethan Helms

Released on October 25th, Now You Know is a six-song original work that offers a great variety of songs that Langston has worked so hard this past year on crafting. Fan favorites like “When It Comes To Loving You” and title-track “Now You Know” are featured in this project. This is Langston’s first EP release since joining Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Entertainment in 2018.

Photo by Ethan Helms

With 2019 almost over, it’s now time for many of our favorite artists to wind down and begin preparing for the rigorous tour schedule that will start soon after 2020 begins. This EP will serve as good leverage to propel Jon Langston into 2020. With that said, 2019 still has plenty of weekends left to party and Langston will do just that on his Bird Dog tour, which still have a few dates left in states like North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio at one of our favorite hangouts; The Dusty Armadillo. To stay up-to-date with Langston, visit or on Instagram (@jonlangston) and Twitter (@JonTLangston). Now You Know is available everywhere!

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