Styles Haury Drops A New Redneck Anthem “Country This Up”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Styles Haury has a propensity for writing and playing hard rocking, feel good tracks. Tracks that will take you to a time and place and let you wash away your worries three minutes at a time (Or if you are at a live show for his entire set).

His newest track “Country This Up” is another banger. You can hear it playing LOUD during his live show and it even has a beat sure to get the crowd participating, clapping and stomping along to the fast paced anthem while having a grand ole time.

Styles is so true to who he is; a hard working, hell raising, tobacco chewing, hunter, fisherman and don’t forget, bad ass songwriter. You can tell with Styles this is not a ploy or act, this is just who he and his crew are and we can’t get enough of it!

Big things are on the horizon for styles and this track is another weapon in the arsenal of a electric live show.

Check out his newest song and crank that sucker LOUD.

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