Kyle Daniel drops sophomore EP “What’s There to Say?”

Jon Galiotto – Raised Rowdy Contributor and Amateur Popcorn Eater

Kyle Daniel made quite a splash in 2018 with his self-titled EP and is poised to dive right back in with his sophomore EP, What’s There to Say?.

We always say that the mark of a good song is making you feel the words and relate them to your own life experience. Kyle shares the ups and downs of a musician, lost love, and difficulties of life in modern-day America. Beyond the lyrics, his rusty vocals parallel Blackberry Smoke, Will Hoge, and Chris Stapleton. Kyle’s sound is unique and can thrive in a multitude of categories including; Southern Rock, Americana and County.

In “Born to Lose”, Daniel sings about addiction and the struggles that so many people face daily.  He says “I wondered what it would feel like to be completely down on your luck and feel there’s nothing you can do about it or nobody to help you.  In the title itself, you feel like you were damned from the time you popped into this world”. This is such a striking reality in today’s society when you hear or read about the tragedies associated with opioid addiction.  Daniel go on to say, “I wanted to bring awareness to it without being completely negative in that respect.”

Earlier this year we premiered “God Bless America (Damn Rock n Roll)” and we still have it on repeat. Daniel says “this song is a throwback anthem to the ’60s or ‘70s when baby boomers were forced to go to war and discouraged to listen to rock n roll music. It’s kind of a ‘kiss my ass, I’m gonna do what I want’ type of tune anyone can sing along to.” We couldn’t agree more and every time we listen, we get fired up.

Daniel is a fighter and told us how his career was almost derailed last year due to illness. “The doctor said if I had waited another month, I would have been completely deaf in my left ear. An infection had eroded two of the bones in my ear, and I couldn’t walk by myself for two weeks after the surgery.” Thankfully the surgery was a success and he was in the studio just two months later recording. Sometimes when you have something to say or need to get out, the stars align and the chips fall into place. “This EP came out in a flash.  It was unbelievable how seamless this thing worked,” he says, citing how everything was tracked, dubbed and mixed within 12 days.  “Songs have their power in the person.”

What’s There to Say? touches on some deep issues but keeps it light with electric guitars and upbeat melodies. We are certainly adding these songs to our playlists and you should too.  If you get the chance to see him live you will not be disappointed.


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