Dawson Edwards drops new EP — Can’t Help It… Somebody Had To

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder who wrote this article because “Somebody Had To”

Dawson Edwards might seem like a newcomer to you but he’s been writing his butt off even before he got to Nashville. Dawson wears his heart and his passions on his sleeve (literally).

Recently, we brought you Dawson’s debut single off this project “Can’t Help It” and our rundown on that track. HERE

Track 2 is a little ditty called “2000 & Us” which sonically brings to mind “19 Somethin” by Mark Wills. When speaking about the track, Dawson says “I think it can relate to people across the board, cause let’s face it no matter when you went to high school, we all went to high school. I wrote this one with Alex Maxwell and Caleb Conrady. It was my idea and the title kind of explains itself. We gave the song a half time chorus so it gives the song a rock feel while still being pretty damn country.”
If you know Dawson, you know his affinity for a good Sunday race day and the third track on the EP “Wouldn’t Be Sunday“ is dedicated to his love for racing. Dawson told us “I wrote it with Cody Parks and Blaine Younger. They had actually already started the song and it was originally going to be a song about football but then they wanted to make it about racing, so they brought it over to me and we changed it up and made it a racing song. At the time I just had lost my granddad. Me, my pawpaw and dad are 3 of the biggest NASCAR fans on this planet, so it just felt right to write towards that. Just playing it live I have gotten a great response from people. It’s been awesome.”
The 4th song on the EP, and the oldest one is “Somebody Had To”, which is a feel good song about making some fun but probably unwise choices growing up like we all did. Dawson goes on to tell us ”I wrote this with Alex Maxwell, Caleb Conrady and Bryan Frazier. This one goes out to the good ole boys. The ones that didn’t play football, didn’t make the best grades, but are the ones that everyone loved.” Dawson and the guys all felt like they were the ones who maybe were fun loving outsiders and kind of became the best versions of themselves along the way.
Overall this is a really killer debut project.  These tracks are definitely tailgate material or songs you’re going to want to listen to on your next weekend road trip.  Dawson has some really good stories to tell and he’s just getting started.


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