Top 5 Moments From Stars and Strings

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“Stars and Strings” is a benefit concert that happens every year in Chicago, at the Chicago Theater, and consists of an A list stacked lineup. This year Luke Combs, Cole Swindell, Sugarland, Brothers Osborne, Jake Owen and Dierks Bentley (AKA Douglas “Big Rhythm Doug” Douglason) performed and man did they put on a show. Below are my Top 5 highlights of the night.


Top 5 Stars and Strings Moments:

  •  Luke Combs. I really don’t need to expand on this but he relayed a “fictional story” about a 300# guy that wears the same shirt every night on stage. Someone should really explain to him how fiction works.


  • Luke’s brother in arms, Rowdy Rob, came with him and made reference to drinking “Tennessee Champagne” in a “Fancy Theater”, which is hilarious and amazing all at once.  Now imagine him saying it with a British accent and it makes it even more Top 5.  I hope every time you open a bottle of Jack Daniels you think of this, I know I will.


  • Jennifer Nettles added a mysterious 3rd verse, Garth style, to Cole Swindell’s “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey”. It was from a woman’s view of a breakup and it swapped whiskey for Garrett’s Popcorn. Growing up a Weird Al fan, parodies always get you in the Top 5.


  • Dierks showing up with his whole band. Normally you would think that showing up with your band is what is supposed to happen at a show, but “writers round” shows are typically the artist and 1 band member. Jake Owen and Brothers Osborne did a pretty solid job at harassing him for not knowing how things work anymore. #oldhead


  • Folds of Honor is a charitable organization that gives back to the family’s of veterans.  Nothing funny about this one, just an amazing organization that I’m proud that proceeds from my ticket go to benefit.


  • The “encore” consisted of Dierks, Jake, TJ and John (Brothers Osborne) all rocking out to “Be My Baby Tonight” and “Drunk on a Plane”.  Going back to Hardy’s Top 5, John Michael Montgomery songs automatically get you in the Top 5.



In conclusion this show is oh-wesome and benefits a great cause and definitely check it out if in Chicago around Veterans Day. Come for the music, stay for the beers and soak up some patriotism.


P.S. – Next time you’re in Chicago, check out Garrett’s Popcorn and try a shot of Malort. I can’t guarantee you’ll love them both but your taste buds will thank you and curse you all in one weekend.

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