Top 5 Reasons You Need To Check Out HARDY’s EP

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Michael Hardy (HARDY) is a singer/songwriter from Mississippi, signed to Big Loud Records and Tree
Vibes Publishing. His pen has been on fire this year with two number one songs, “Simple” and “Up
Down”. I recently had the opportunity to attend the CMA Songwriters Series in LA featuring Florida
Georgia Line (FGL) and some of their cowriters. HARDY was one of the featured artists and completely
blew me away. HARDY recently released a four song EP and has been getting some airplay on his first
single “Throwback”. Below are Jonny G’s Top 5 reasons why you need to check it out now.

Top 5 Reason to listen to HARDY’s new EP:

– Let’s just start with his name, anyone that can pull off a mononymous (google it, it’s an accurate
term) name like HARDY must be legit. It basically puts you in the class of Blake, Dierks, Drake,
Cher, Madonna and Bono. On top of that it’s always in ALL CAPS, which makes me feel like he is
yelling and I’m a BIG fan of yelling.

– HARDY has been making a name for himself as a songwriter. Florida Georgia Line, Morgan
Wallen, Chris Lane, and Jackie Lee have all cut his songs. That’s a pretty baller list. Among these
songs are TWO, count ’em TWO, number one songs “Up Down” and “Simple” as well as FGL’s
soon to be released single. HARDY finally decided to start keeping some of that awesome
material for himself (Probably a Top 5 idea).

– He references the infamous Grundy County Auction in his first single, “Throwback”. Anyone that
fits a John Michael Montgomery reference into a song automatically becomes top five for me.

– “Rednecker” is not only an amazing song title, it’s a shout out to anyone that grew up in a small
town. If you grew up in a small town, you know you take pride in having the smallest population
and some of the crazy/stupid things you did growing up. Fun fact, the borough I grew up in has
241 people. Pretty sure my small town is smaller than yours, so I’m basically the Redneckerest!

– “4×4” reminds you that your truck isn’t just for getting you from point A to point B in style. That
quattro wheel drive is for getting muddy and going places you can’t get with a Prius. So slap a
million stickers up on the side of yours and show ‘em what the 4×4 is for!

In conclusion: Every song on this EP is a JAM and should be on your playlist (and is top 5).

P.S. HARDY, not sure if you have people but if you do, have them get in touch with me so we can do an interview!



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