Kalsey Kulyk gives a voice to your story through music

We all need songs that help us speak our truth and touch the deepest parts of our souls. Those songs can be hard to come by. Country music artist/songwriter, Kalsey Kulyk  has no shortage of those for you.

“I want to be able to connect with people and give them the emotions that they’ve never been able to describe in a song. My songs are for people who aren’t heard and people who don’t have a voice.”

Just listen to any of Kalsey’s songs and you’ll feel like she understands every emotion you couldn’t put words or understanding to yourself. From heartbreak to losing a loved one and beating cancer, Kalsey weaves together the right string of words for those moments where you feel like no one understands you or your feelings. And if you’ve ever lost a loved one then the song she recently wrote with artist, Jordan Fletcher, “Hurts Like Heaven” is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

“The main thing people say is that they’re in a better place now. It’s kind of hard to understand that because you think “I thought that better place was with me” but you know it’s true at the same time that they’re in a better place.”

Jordan walked into their write with the title and an idea for a song dedicated to his father who passed away at 52. Kalsey wanted to help honor Jordan’s father and someone close to her heart as well.

“That idea, when he said ‘Hurts Like Heaven,’ I knew exactly what emotion and person I was going to pull this experience from and how I was going to be able to add to the song.”

One of Kalsey’s friends passed away while battling cancer when they were both going through chemotherapy. She felt an emotional connection to the idea of honoring people gone too soon. This year marks 10 years since Kalsey beat cancer. This is something that she’s very open about social media.

Digging deep down and pulling from her own personal experiences is what keeps Kalsey writing music. So it’s no surprise that a lot of Kalsey’s songs are about real life issues that matter.

One of those real life issues being mental health. Kalsey’s watched family members and friends struggle with depression and anxiety. When a close friend of Kalsey’s committed suicide she penned the raw and stripped down song, “Not All Angels Can Fly.”

“When it hits close to home like that it’s just something that’s really hard to get over because you feel like, for me as a friend I felt like I could have done something more.”

She knows how hard this can be first hand so she wrote this song in hopes of providing comfort to others struggling with mental illness and also as a way to bring the topic of mental health to the forefront of discussion.

“I really think that that song is about the lyric and the emotion and the feeling that you take away from it.”

You’ll hear the full version of “Not All Angels Can Fly”  on Kalsey’s EP, coming out in January.

“It’s definitely about personal life experiences. Honestly, anyone can relate to this album. It’s about heartbreak, it’s about family, it’s about losing loved ones.”

Another personal experience she has put to song, “More Time,” will also be on the EP. She’s already seen a huge response on social media with the songs garnering over 26K shares and 1M views.

“It’s about wishing that you had more time with your loved one. Who hasn’t wished they had one more day with someone who passed away or more time in the day with someone who you may not live close to.”

So it’s safe to say that Kalsey’s EP will have a song for anyone and everyone who’s been through a hard time and survived. Be on the lookout for more information on her EP later this month and if you’re in Nashville come check her out at Whiskey Jam on November 19th.

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