Texan Kimberly Kelly drops her new song “Some Things Have a Name” to get you nice and ready for her EP coming August 31st

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder and future Gruene Hall attendee 

If you don’t know who Kimberly Kelly is let’s give you a little rundown: Kimberly’s music offers “a distinctive mix of contemporary and countrypolitan with a dash of humor and heart.” She’s shared a lineup with icons like Radney Foster, Leon Russell and Willie Nelson and calls the legendary Billy Joe Shaver a friend and supporter. The Bluebird Café, Gruene Hall, and the mother church of country music have all welcomed Kimberly onto their stages. If read all of our articles (We appreciate our loyal readers!) you may have seen Kimberley’s song she sings with Erin Enderlin “Bathroom Mirror” LINK

Now, let’s get into the new song. “Some Things Have a Name” dropped today 8-16 in anticipation of her upcoming EP release of Blame It on Me. Her sound will take you back in time to the likes of Loretta and Tammy but with a modern Texas inspired vibe to it. This is the kind of music I absolutely adore and I am pretty sure once you listen to this song 3 or 4 times you will agree. 

so without further ado give Kimberly a listen. 


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