Tyler Childers Drops New Single, ‘Song While You’re Away’

Tyler Childers, perhaps one of the most important figures in the country music of this generation, just released a new song that will feature in the upcoming movie, Twisters. Soundtracks are often overlooked, as they are usually just compiled songs thrown together, but not on this one. These feature some new bangers by country artists of every branch. Some of these guys and gals include acts from Bailey Zimmerman to Lainey Wilson, and even Luke Combs to some upcoming Red Clay Strays.
Song While You’re Away is Childers’ addition to the heavy hitting track list. Like most of the ballads or slowed-down love songs in his catalogue, this tune is beyond beautiful. The warm, buttery notes that flow off these instruments embrace you through the entire runtime, and Childers’ vocal work is as strong as ever, really delivering the melody and getting that hook stuck in our heads. I don’t think he could make a bad song if he tried at this point, and he certainly isn’t starting now.
I’m super stoked for the Twisters album to come out and hear more new music like we did from Tyler Childers with Song While You’re Away, I just hope they can all carry their weight like this one did. Either way, we get a Friday with a new Childers song, so who’s going to possibly complain? Go give Song While You’re Away a listen now!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_2J7uVD8_Q?si=z5-IEGfp5HzR9Rvk&w=560&h=315]

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