Austin Upchurch Drops New Single, ‘Daisies’

Texas artist Austin Upchurch has been on quite the streak of banger releases. These range anywhere from Automatic to Perspective, and now this new single dropped on June 21st.
Upchurch’s new release is called Daisies. It is very on-brand for him, and he has really created a formula that works excellently for his style. There is the bedrock of his sound – early 2000s, pop punkish alternative all mixed into his sonically unique Texas style. One thing he is very consistent with is crafting a melody that will be in your head for a long time. A catchy, yet effective hook is what rounds out a great song depending on style, and Upchurch absolutely nails it.
The musicianship he has in his group is fantastic, his vocal work is killer and production really pushes it to the next level. The booming, fuzzy wall fits very well into a song like this without being too overbearing, which can sometimes be hard to balance out as a listener.
Austin Upchurch is only rising from here, and I encourage you to go listen to his newest single, Daisies.

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