Dexter and The Moonrocks Release New Single, ‘Bleach’ and Announce New EP, ‘Western Space Grunge’

Dexter and The Moonrocks, a quickly rising alternative rock band that specializes in sad space cowboy songs, dropped their newest single, Bleach on June 12th. In addition to giving us some new music, they also announced their debut EP on Severance Records, which will be called Western Space Grunge. With a fanbase that just keeps getting bigger with each release, and a large online presence, The Moonrocks are on the perfect track to have this record hit very successfully.
Bleach brings out some real grunge elements with the meaty, in-your-face riffs and super energetic drum work, which lays a great foundation for the melancholy, but just as energetic vocal work. The songwriting from these guys is maturing constantly and really coming together, but going along with that is the tightness and evolving skill of the instrumental element, and with the aid of the good people at Sonic Ranch, the end-product is perfect.
Sometimes I feel like I over-analyze songs, so here’s the short version – this song rocks and you need to spin it.
If you haven’t yet, add Dexter and The Moonrocks to the rotation, check out their previous work, make sure to add Bleach to the playlist and get yourself ready for their upcoming EP, Western Space Grunge, which will drop on July 19th.

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