Josh Meloy Drops New Album, ‘Where You Came From’

Josh Meloy has slowly been climbing up in popularity in the recent couple years, and it’s well-deserved. The Oklahoman has grinded and grinded to get where he is now – from playing the Stillwater strip, to now playing all over the country. His unique, gravely voice conveys the grit and raw nature of the Red Dirt scene out in Oklahoma, and he is the leading force for this upcoming group of artists just wanting to be heard.
Meloy dropped his newest album, Where You Came From, on June 7th. It was a short notice release and took a lot of people by surprise, but man was it a welcomed one. Do you know those records that come to mind when you think to yourself, “this is going to be a big one”? I had the same thought with Where You Came From when I was only halfway through the first listen.
There are a number of killer songs on here that really stand out. The title track swings wonderfully and rolls smoothly when you really zone in on the instrumental element. That is a common thing throughout this album, along with the consistently catchy and well execute melodies. Tunes like Killin’ Me Inside and 1,000 Miles will be stuck in your head all day, but you’ll love every minute of it. The production aspect of this record is golden and is great to see improve with every release Meloy puts out.
This is an easy contender for my Raised Rowdy album of the year, and it’s only June. I just have a good feeling about this, and I think it will push Meloy to the next level, and he truly deserves it. Please go check out Josh Meloy’s newest record, Where You Came From.

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