Mitchell Ferguson Releases New Single, ‘Breathe’

Mitchell Ferguson is once again back with another single, and this time he’s bringing more than the average sauce.
Back on his 2023 EP, WHOLE LOTTA SAUCE, he included a wide range of styles and sounds. The sonic diversity that Ferguson has seemingly mastered is what makes him stand out the most – the track Here for a Minute comes to mind in particular. Here for a Minute is more of a hip hop song than anything, to be completely honest. Well, on May 31st, Ferguson dropped a sonically similar tune, Breathe.
Breathe leans a lot more on the R&B side than Here for a Minute, but the hi-hat, bass, snare beat holding it down gives it that hip hop edge. It’s honestly hard to explain, but that’s what makes Ferguson’s music so fun to listen to. The vocal work is fantastic as always, the booming percussion, piano and guitarwork all hold it down as well. Production is extremely solid, once again creating that warm, but in your face feeling that has become a trademark that Ferguson’s style has.
I sound like a broken record at this point, but Mitchell Ferguson is the one to watch out of Texas. Last year was big for him, but that was only the beginning, so hop on the train before he blows up and go listen to his newest single, Breathe.

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