Rob Baird Drops Country-Rock Anthem, “Hold Tight”

Country singer Rob Baird gifted fans with his third new single of the year last Friday, May 31. Co-written by Baird and legendary Texas songwriter Darden Smith, “Hold Tight” is one of his most rock-forward releases to date. Notably different from the more delicate tone of his last two offerings, “Emily” and “Burning in the Stars,” “Hold Tight” has a darker edge. 

Driven by distorted guitar power chords and a high-octane drum beat, as well as layers of brooding lead guitar in the background, the anthem has an intense sonic landscape that leans as much prog rock as it does country. Baird’s stark lyrics, which he delivers at high volume through most of the tune, add to the song’s power. 

While “Hold Tight” is relatively cryptic, it hits hard when Baird finishes his chorus with: “I got a heart that is burning so bright; I got a love that’ll treat you just right; and I need you, need you, to hold tight.” It almost serves as a warning, as if his feeling is too strong to be safe.

The song is incredibly catchy and a superb standalone entry in Baird’s latest batch of new tunes. Follow him here to stay up to date on more new music, and check out “Hold Tight” below.

Photo credit: Nicole Wickens

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