Garrett Bradford Drops Boozy New Single, “The Recipe”

Rising Texas country artist Garrett Bradford released his fourth new single of the year last Tuesday, May 28. “The Recipe,” which he wrote solo, departs from the purely country tone of his last few songs. With a slow groove and bluesy edge, it showcases Bradford’s vocal range and rock sensibilities. 

The blues-country blend also serves the story he’s telling about his home-stilled liquor. He never outright says “moonshine” or references the prohibition, but there are a few hints about the singer’s illicit past, giving the tune an outlaw twist. “The Recipe” kicks off at full force, featuring rhythm and lead blues guitars, a soulful B3 organ, a kinetic bass line, and drums. 

Through each verse, Bradford unfolds the odyssey of how he became the keeper of his recipe. In typical fashion, he paints a colorful and immersive picture of not just the alcohol, but his life over the years. Bradford always does a fine job of telling a story that feels real, both in how he structures his lyrics and how he turns a phrase. 

Without giving too much away, the song’s hero has a few barrels of good stuff buried deep underground, and if you’re the drinking-to-forget type, you’ll probably want some. In the meantime, follow Bradford here to stay posted on new music, and check out “The Recipe” below:

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